Rules for submitting the portfolio state that your submission must be “valid, authentic, current, sufficient and reliable”. This means that your portfolio should be about something current ie something that you are experimenting with as a result of the course.
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Ideally you will complete within 3 months of the course, but in reality, it may be that you want to
wait until the weather gets better or use a pre-scheduled trip as your ‘outdoor lesson’. This is fine
but we do need you to have completed within 2 years of your course or your registration becomes

Our training day is designed to motivate you to get outdoors, to remove barriers, to enable you to
share experiences, to give you lots of ideas for teaching outdoors but also lots of tools which will
enable you to adapt  any ideas to get them right for your class. We also hope that it will be fun!
Most of the day will be spent outdoors looking at exemplar activities for different curriculum areas –
trying them out and then and discussing their use. We intersperse these activities with short indoor
presentations / discussions. We aim for you to leave with a well-developed thought process which
will enable you to take your curriculum, confidently, outdoors.

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After completing the course you will have lots of ideas for outdoor lessons and lots of tools for
adapting them to your situation (year group / particular topics etc). We need you to experiment and
teach outdoors – this could be a morning or afternoon slot or a series of quick outdoor interventions
as appropriate, or a trip.  
We need you to plan for it, carry it out and give evidence, keep the children safe but stretched, and
evaluate the experience. We expect that this will be happening as part of your usual planning
process anyway and remember the principle that choosing to use the outdoors is instead of using
the indoors rather than as well as – we do not want to give you loads of extra work!

This qualification focusses on the principles and processes which underline and support learning
beyond the classroom wherever it takes place. This qualification will give you the understanding and
tools to help you consider, plan, deliver and evaluate activities to support your curriculum beyond
the classroom, whether this is outdoor maths on the playground, literacy ideas using the school
field, or trips and visits further afield.
Forest School usually takes place in a woodland or other natural environment, taking a child centred
approach to learning about and through the natural environment over a period of time. It sits within
the wider context of outdoor and woodland education. Forest School qualifications are possible at a
number of levels, depending on the role you wish to take.

We offer two pathways towards the Award:
 Primary School Pathway – Taking the Curriculum Outdoors
 Secondary School Pathway – Maximising Learning by Making it Real and Contextual

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The qualification is the Level 3 Award in Learning Beyond the Classroom. Because the course leads
to a Level 3 Award, all candidates are expected to have a good deal of prior experience working with
children. Our courses are aimed at practising teachers and teaching assistants; also, student teachers
in the latter stages of their training are eligible.

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